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Jelie File List

Here is a list of all documented files with brief descriptions:
altera_jtag.cpp [code]
altera_jtag.h [code]
cmdline.cpp [code]Command line implementation
cmdline.h [code]Command line declarations
config.h [code]
debug.cpp [code]Debug messages handling
debug.h [code]Debug messages handling
ezusb.h [code]
ezusb_jtag.cpp [code]EzUSB controller implementation
ezusb_jtag.h [code]
ezusb_loader.cpp [code]
ezusb_loader.h [code]
filemanager.cpp [code]
filemanager.h [code]
flash.c [code]
gdbremote.cpp [code]
gdbremote.h [code]
jtag.h [code]
jtag_commander.h [code]
jtag_driver.h [code]
jtag_order.h [code]List of JTAG orders that go through USB
jtag_pp_commander.cpp [code]
jtag_pp_commander.h [code]
jtag_usb.c [code]
jtagctrl_factory.cpp [code]Find and initialize a working controller
jtagctrl_factory.h [code]
jtagpxa250.cpp [code]High level PXA250 JTAG commands
jtagpxa250.h [code]
main.cpp [code]
pp_jtag.cpp [code]Parallel port JTAG controller
pp_jtag.h [code]
serial.c [code]
serial.h [code]
step.cpp [code]
step.h [code]
target_to_host.h [code]Common include file for the debug handler and the debugger
tcp.c [code]
tcp.h [code]

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