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Jelie Compound List

Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
AlteraByteBlasterJTAGParallel port JTAG Control Class
BootCmdCommand class for booting the CPU
CheckCmdCommand class for checing the connection with the PXA250
CmdLineThe command line itself. Basically executes command from user input
CommandAbstract class for commands in the command line
CONFIGDSCREzUSB Configuration Descriptor
ContinueCmdCommand class to do a normal CPU reset
DEVICEDSCREzUSB Device Descriptor
DSCREzUSB Generic Descriptor
ENDPNTDSCREzUSB Endpoint Descriptor
EPIOCEzUSB Endpoint Descriptor
EraseFlashCmdCommand class to erase flash
EventSelectorThis class waits for inputs events and then dispatch them for treatment
ExecCmdCommand class to exec a program from the device memory
ExtBreakCmdCommand class to do external debug event (stop the execution of a program)
EzUSBEzUSB user-level program upload facility
EzUSB::intelsInternal structure for hex file
EzUSBJTAGThe implementation of JTAG Control for EzUSB
FileManagerFile Manager (filesystem abstraction)
GdbRemoteGlue between the GDB remote protocol and jelie
GetCmdCommand class to put data into memory
HelpCmdCommand class to provide help about available commands
HwBreakCmdCommand class to control hardware breakpoints
I2CPCKTEzUSB I2C Descriptor
InitCmdCommand class for initializing the USB connection device
INTRFCDSCREzUSB Interface Descriptor
JTAG_DriverJTAG Driver Abstract Definition Class
JTAGControlLow level JTAG control interface
JTAGControlFactoryThe factory have an instance of all available jtag controls
JTAGpxa250PXA250 specific JTAG basic controls
LoadCmdCommand class to load data into the device memory
LoadICCmdCommand class for loading instructions in cache
PPJTAGParrallel port JTAG control class
ProgramFlashCmdCommand class to load data into the device's flash memory
PutCmdCommand class to put data into memory
QuitCmdCommand class to quit the program
RebootCmdCommand class to do a normal CPU reset
RegisterCmdCommand class to access registers
ResetCmdCommand class to put the JTAG state machine in run test/idle state
STRINGDSCREzUSB String Descriptor
WaitCmdCommand class to provide a way of waiting for the debug handler to be ready

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