An XScale CPU board

Armonie is a minimalist processor board. Based on an ARM Intel XScale, It is designed with three differents uses in the mind. Like RokEPXA it is suitable for the Cyclope robot. It also fits well for an embedded multimedia system, in conjuction with the eMediaKit multimedia extension board. It's relative simplicity and accessibility makes it ideal for education use, here at LAP for the embedded system lecture.

Armonie is free hardware.

It means that using the material provided on this page is released under the terms of the general public license. To adapt this license to hardware, understand "software" as "schematics and documentation".

All the necessary development software is also free software.

Armonie features

Armonie is based on a 8 layers PCB, designed by us, placed and routed by the ACORT, here at the EPFL.

In the following image, we can see Armonie's front and back side

Armonie front Armonie back

Documentation and schematics

Most of the documentation is in french.
Stéphane Magnenat & Julien Pilet
Last page update : 2003