Robot Kit with an EPXA1

RokEPXA is a minimal board using A-BUS compatible power-supply. This board can be used with a little robot base called Cyclope. RokEPXA replaces old main boards RokHC12 and Rok68 of the robot Cyclope and opens a new era. Alera EPXA integreted circuit contains an "hardcore" ARM922T processor system and a FPGA. This board can not only be used with the robot Cyclope but in many others applications. Now, it's possible to build a multi-processor system using Altera NIOS "softcore" processor system in FPGA, for example.

RokEPXA with the robot Cyclope and the magic A-BUS power supply RokEPXA top side
RokEPXA and A-BUS power supply boards with the robot Cyclope base RokEPXA top side

RokEPXA features:

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